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Why Souns Matters

"I can read!" These are words that warmly ripple through the hearts of parents and teachers. Three little words - I can read - have inspired my four decades as an AMI Montessori teacher at Counterpane School in Georgia.

 By the time a child is old enough to say, "I want to read!" he or she deserves to have a few of the most fundamental tools of printed language in place. The hands build the brain as they engage with the world, one object at a time. Printed symbols can be objects as well -  for children to hold, explore, and manipulate. Souns offers the root shapes and sounds of our print in concrete, large, beautiful-to-touch letters.

Parents, it takes years of "messing around" for children to learn to dress independently. Shoes on the wrong feet are neither surprising nor alarming. The same years of "messing around" are needed for a child to learn to read and write, which are among the most difficult and most consequential skills he or she will ever need to master. Empowered with the tools of print, a very young child will avidly explore language, messing around with sounds and symbols, examining how they work. Beginning early allows precious space for learning incidentally and without pressure. 

Souns is concluding its first decade. It is making a difference for thousands of children in South Africa, Puerto Rico, and the USA. We hope you find the joy I know will come with this program. We have seen the fruit of Souns at Counterpane and with everyone who uses it as designed.  Souns is not a "product" as much as it is a program. It is simple and logical…and children love it!

Follow Souns on Twitter, play with us on Pinterest, visit our blog SounsTalk to follow our work, our website at, and our home at Counterpane. Souns is a Pending B Corporation, a benevolent-minded entity turning our proceeds back into the world to build literacy.

Thank you for getting to know us and helping us build little readers!

Brenda Erickson