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Can learning to read be this simple?

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Three steps to reading: coding, encoding, decoding

Letter-sound knowledge learned through play leads to a logical and seamless path to reading.

 A must read - Reading in the Brain:

“All children regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds benefit from explicit and early teaching of the correspondence between letters and speech sounds.” Dehaene, Stanislas. Reading in the Brain: The Science and Evolution of a Human Invention. New York: Viking, 2009.

One parent's words:

"Souns fits nicely within brain development because souns are 3-dimensional. My dyslexic child can flip them around, he can hold them, he can see them; because processing the letters three-dimensionally, that is really the key. Most people don’t recognize that. Classically dyslexic people will tell you that, when they see 3-dimensionally they can understand it and remember it. Being able to manipulate the souns makes is so much easier for a dyslexic person to learn, for any person to learn.

I was dyslexic and never could sound out words, and I wanted a better way for my daughter to learn to read, so we bought souns. It just made sense to me. We make it fun and she has never struggled like I did. She sees her “souns” everwhere we go, and I know this is helping her.

Every day is something new [my daughter] discovers that she knows. One day she just read the label on the washing machine, and like that she was a reader. Never struggled, never fought. It just worked.

There is so much joy in watching my 3 year-old son become a reader. He is getting that on his own, working with souns. I’m not forcing it, I’m really not even teaching it. He is doing it, and I know he feels proud of himself.

My husband and I are so blessed to have souns discover us, and to embark on this journey with our son. Thank you for this gift and a gift that will stand our children in the future in good stead for life-long learning through a solid foundation of reading ability. Thank you"

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